Do Not Neglect Your Lower Back

Body-builders and weight-trainers, going back 70 years, dislike training their legs. This is evident by the infinite internet “Never Skip a Leg” memes showing muscular hunks with teeny, tiny legs. Do a Google search for yourself and you will see what I mean.

However, this is subject for another discussion.

tower crane

We all admire big pecs, broad shoulders, huge arms and a V-shaped back.

[I often, amusingly, think to myself: If men were to go around shirtless in their daily lives; to work and other chores (like during the age of, say, Conan the Barbarian) then surely body-building and weight-training would be the norm and not (to the outside eye) a frivolous, eccentric activity.]

That said, a grossly neglected body part, a body part I deem the bedrock of our body, is the lower back. Yes, that part of the back, behind the belly button, where the spine joins the buttocks. The spinal erector.

Any and all standing, load-bearing movements of our body compresses on the lower back. Take an everyday life activity like taking out the trash or moving an old cathode TV. Your arms do the lifting, your lower back bears the brunt of the weight.

Imagine a Tower Crane.

Move on to the weight room.

There are various ways to strengthen the lower back:

Gym Equipment for Lower Back