Price of Item:
Standard 1-inch 14,290 baht |
Olympic 2-inch 15,290 baht

Price of Set:
Standard 1-inch 22,390 baht |
Olympic 2-inch 24,990 baht

power station 01

The Power Station is a versatile piece of weight-training equipment, used in combination with a Barbell, Bench and Weight Plates, to perform a variety of essential exercises. It also has a pulley system for Lat Pulldown and Low Row exercises.

Its in-bulit Power Rack design enables smooth transitions between exercises whereby the Safety Bars can be re-positioned with ease and gun-rack style barbell rests enables barbell to be shifted up or down even fully-loaded. No need to unrack the barbell nor the help of another person.

power station pull-up grips

New !
New Pull-up bar with wide grip and narrow grip.

power station lat pulldown
New !!!
Lat Pulldown pulleys have been elevated to clear the user's head while performing other, non-cable weight-training exercises

Power Racks are not built the same. As an essential part of weight-training, your choice of Power Rack can make a difference in your workouts.

The key benefit of this Power Rack is the seamless switch from exercise to exercise that require different starting barbell height. Time and effort saved will enable a better workout and better overal result.

  1. Easily-Adjustable Safety Bars. Safety bars can be moved up and down with ease.
  2. Gun-Rack Barbell Rests. Barbell can be moved up and down with ease.
  3. Wide- and Narrow-Grip Pull-Up Bars.
  4. Spacious inside space. Comfortably allows various exercises that require full movements.
  5. Sturdy 3"x3" Base. Will not move or slide during workout.

Power Rack demonstration

Power Station demo outside Power Rack features

Other items required for use:

  • power station supine bench press
    Supine Bench Press
  • power station incline bench press
    Incline Bench Press
  • power station decline press bench
    Decline Bench Press
  • power station shoulder press
    Shoulder Press
  • power station squats
  • power station shrugs
  • power station upright row
    Upright Row
  • power station pull-up
  • power station tricep pressdown
    Tricep Pressdown
  • power station lat pulldown
    Lat Pulldown
  • power station cable row
    Cable Row

  • power tower lat pulldown pad
    With thigh pad for lat pulldown
  • power tower cable row foot-rest
    and foot rest for cable row

  • power tower lat pulldown
    New Lat Pulldown
  • power tower plate-loading
    New plate-loading system
  • power tower included accessories
    Included Accessories:
    Safety bars,
    Foot Rest,
    Thigh Pad,
    Lat bar, and
    Tricep bar

Width 1.21 m. (+ Standard Barbell = 2.10 m. หรือ + Olympic Barbell = 2.20 m.)
Depth 1.60 m. (not inclusive of Multi-purpose Bench)
Height 2.23 m.