Price of Item:
Standard 1-inch 14,850 baht |
Olympic 2-inch 15,850 baht

Price of Set:
Standard 1-inch 17,550 baht |
Olympic 2-inch 18,750 baht

press station

This unit incorporates three basic pressing movements: Shoulder Press, Incline Chest Press and Supine Chest Press.

The controlled movement makes ideal for beginnging and intermediate weight trainers. This is a plate-loaded machine so one can feel dead weight of the plates pressing down.

Seen with 1-inch sleeves for Standard weight plates with 1-inch hole. Also available with 2-inch sleeves for Olympic weight plates with 2-inch hole.

Plate-Loaded Press Station demonstration

Supine Chest Press
  • press station - supine press - start
  • press station - supine press - end

Incline Chest Press
  • press station - incline press - start
  • press station - incline press - end

Shoulder Press
  • press station - shoulder press - start
  • press station - shoulder press - end