Price of Item: 8,890 baht

Price of Set:
Standard 1-inch 16,990 baht | Olympic 2-inch 18,590 baht

power rack

The Power Rack is a versatile piece of weight-training equipment, used in combination with a Barbell, Bench and Weight Plates, to perform a variety of essential exercises.

Its design enables smooth transitions between exercises whereby the Safety Bars can be re-positioned with ease and gun-rack style barbell rests enables barbell to be shifted up or down even fully-loaded. No need to unrack the barbell nor the help of another person.

power station pull-up grips
New !
New Pull-up bar with wide grip and narrow grip.

Other items required for use:

Power Rack demonstration

  • power rack supine bench press
    Supine Bench Press
  • power rack incline bench press
    Incline Bench Press
  • power rack decline bench press
    Decline Bench Press
  • power rack shoulder press765t6r
    Shoulder Press
  • power rack squats
  • power rack shrugs
  • power rack upright row
    Upright Row
  • power rack pull-up

  • power rack includedaccessory safety bars
    Included Accessories:
    Safety Bars

Width 1.21 m. (+ Standard Barbell = 2.10 m. หรือ + Olympic Barbell = 2.20 m.)
Depth 1.60 m. (not inclusive of Multi-purpose Bench)
Height 2.07 m.