Price of Item: 2,790 baht

special 7-foot barbell

An innovation of GymWare Ltd.

Handle is solid 1-1/8-inch diameter steel (equal to Olympic barbell handle) chromed and with knurling.

  1. Large handle provides for better grip, especially with heavy weight-training
  2. Much stronger than a normal 1-inch-through barbell, especially with heavy weight-training.
Meanwhile, its two ends are 1-inch diameter compatible with normal, commonly-available Standard weight plates with 1-inch diameter holes.
  1. Standard weight plates with 1-inch diameter holds are more readily available in sport stores
  2. This negates the need for customers to be monopolized by a vendor that only provides barbell with larger-than-one-inch ends only compatible to weight plates with larger-than-one-inch holes. This is a problem with users in the provinces upcountry.

Length 2.10 m.

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